St John the Baptist

St. John the Baptist was a Jewish prophet of priestly origin who preached the imminence of God’s Final Judgement and baptized those who repented in self preparation for it; he is revered in the Christian church as the forerunner of Jesus Christ. After a period of solitude, John the Baptist emerged as a prophet in the region of the lower Jordan River valley. He had a circle of disciples, and Jesus was among the recipients of his rite of baptism. John spent the early part of his life dwelling in the rough, mountainous tract of land that existed between the city of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. During most of his adult life he lived in the wilderness, away from the cities. His clothes were rough, and his diet was strict. God called John to prepare the people for Jesus; teachings and ministry. His ministry began when he was 30 years old and started to diminish when Christs ministry began. Jesus stated that not only did John fulfill prophecy he also was the greatest prophet sent by the Father.