St Robert Bellarmine

For a parish that is looking to ramp up its evangelization efforts, something that will require top notch communication skills, St. Robert Bellarmine seems uniquely positioned. The parish has a prominent location on the border of Union Grove along Highway 45, right across from the high school. The parish was established in 1967.


Who was St. Robert Bellarmine?

Born in Montepulciano, Italy, St. Robert Bellarmine (October 4 1542-1621) was the third of ten children. His mother, Cinzia Cervini, a niece of Pope Marcellus II, was dedicated to almsgiving, prayer, meditation, fasting and mortification of the body. Robert entered the newly formed Society of Jesus in 1560 and after his ordination went on to teach at Louvain (1570-76), where he became famous for his Latin sermons. In 1576, he was appointed to the chair of controversial theology at the Roman College, became Rector in 1592; he went on to become Provincial of Naples in 1594 and Cardinal in 1598. This outstand scholar and devoted servant of God defended the Apostolic See against the anti-clericals in Venice and against the political tenants of James I of England. He composed an exhaustive apologetic work against the prevailing heretics of his day. In the field of church and state relations, he took a position based on principals now regarded as fundamentally democratic-authority originates with God, but is vested in the people, who entrust it to fit rules. St. Robert Bellarmine died on September 17, 1621. Pope Pius XI canonized him in 1931, and declared him to be a Doctor of the Church.