Faith Formation-General Information


Welcome to Catholic Formation classes at Kenosha Racine County Line Parishes! We hope you have enjoyed the summer break and return to school rested and ready to begin a new year in Faith Formation! This year we continue to encounter Christ, transform our lives with Him, and live by his example to be Jesus for others. We do this through participation in Mass, Religious Education sessions and small group discussions, prayer and worship, and service to others.

Attendance is crucial to faith formation. Please notify us by email at [email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected] or [email protected] if your child will be absent. Parents should help the student complete any missed assignments. With only a couple sessions each month, please make Mass and religious education sessions a priority!

You play a pivotal role in your child’s faith formation; and it is our goal to work in partnership with you and our catechists, so that we can help each child become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Please call or email us any time if you have questions, concerns, or would like to help with any activities!

For the Greater Glory of God!

Kathi Andreoni, Pastorial Assiciate 

Kari Leaf, Director of Religious Education

Kathy Peterson, Director of Religious Education South

Corinne Dillon, Director of Youth Ministry