General Information - FF


Welcome to Catholic Formation classes at Kenosha Racine County Line Parishes! We hope you have enjoyed the summer break and return to school rested and ready to begin a new year in Faith Formation! This year we continue to encounter Christ, transform our lives with Him, and live by his example to be Jesus for others. We do this through participation in Mass, Religious Education sessions and small group discussions, prayer and worship, and service to others.

Participation in Mass is the most influential form of catechesis for both children and adults. It is through the Mass that we receive communion with God and others in our community.  We encounter God through his Word, and we receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  We are able to enter God’s rest when we come to him with our struggles and our joys to worship and give thanks. This is our time with God!

We will also include time for prayer and worship this year! Together we will pray a Living Rosary, Adoration, Living Stations, and receive Reconciliation. We will participate in retreats for time to be fully focused on our God. Prayer time with our God is essential to build our friendship with Him!

In Religious Education classes, we will learn about our Catholic Faith to gain a strong foundation, encounter a living Jesus, and change our lives. This foundation will help them to discern right from wrong in decision making. Middle school and high school sessions will adopt a “small group” model! Instead of a classroom model, we will enjoy short presentations and have time for small group discussion. Discussion with peers builds Christian Community when we gain bonds and trust in friendship as they share their faith with each other.

We have scheduled 4 family formation events for the year! This is part of the religious education program, and it is expected that parents attend these events. This year, we will view an engaging presentation called Altaration, which focuses on the Mass. It is a time for parents to engage their faith and explore with group discussion. This is meant to empower parents to discuss their Catholic faith with their children. All Family Formation events will begin at 6:00 pm (SRB) or 9:15 am (SJB) in the Parish Hall with refreshments. The middle and high schoolers will stay at these presentations with their parents, while grades Kindergarten – fifth graders will be dismissed to meet with their catechists.

We also will include opportunities for families to be Christ for others! Together we will work on projects that help those in need. Recognizing the needs of others, as Jesus recognized the needs of all the poor, the sick, and the outcast, awakens in us an appreciation for what we have available to us and a desire to share with others. 

Attendance is crucial to faith formation. Please notify us by email at [email protected] or [email protected] if your child will be absent. Parents should help the student complete any missed assignments. With only a few sessions each month, please make Mass and religious education sessions a priority!

You play a pivotal role in your child’s faith formation; and it is our goal to work in partnership with you and our catechists, so that we can help each child become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Please call or email us any time if you have questions, concerns, or would like to help with any activities!

For the Greater Glory of God!

Kathi Andreoni, Director of Faith Formation

Kathy Peterson, Director of Religious Education (K – 8 South)