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Goal: To help the teens to become disciples of Jesus Christ by walking their faith in the world that surrounds them. This is done by serving in the church community and seeing the needs in the world. The activities are designed for experiences that leads to them developing a relationship with Jesus Christ which will enable them to learn more about their Catholic Faith and how we are called to love and service each other. This program is meant to enhance and reinforce what is learned in the Religious Education Classes.

Participants: Open to grades 6th -12th and their friends. Young Adults (ages 18-21) can help with programming and develop their leadership skills by doing so. Adults over the ages of 21 who have their safeguarding, code of ethics and background check are needed to chaperon and transport the students.

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January 29, 2020: 6:00-7:30pm   Family Service   St. Robert Bellarmine

February 15:  9:30am-1:00pm   Teen Service Morning--Help deliver Valentines cards that were made at the Family Service event to the nursing home and the Veterans. Spend time visiting and bring joy to the residents. Meet at St. Robert at 9:30 to start our day by completing the baskets that are to be delivered. Permission slips are needed. Parents are always needed to chaperon and drive. 

March 4: 5:00-6:15pm   Family Services   St. Robert Bellarmine

March 14: 8:15am-7:30pm   WI Youth Rally   St. Robert Bellarmine

         Who can Attend: All Middle school and High School and their friends. 

         Where: The event is held at Carroll University, Waukesha

          We will drive up together from St. Roberts.

         Time: Meet at St. Robert 8:15am, and returning to St. Robert 7:30pm.

          Cost: $30.00. This covers event fees, lunch, and snacks. Bring money for a fast food dinner.

          Permission Slip and fee must be turned in by March 9, 2020

          Parents are welcome and needed to Chaperone

March 15: 7:15am-12:30pm   Special Olympics--Southern Sectional Basketball Tournament. Help the athletes by volunteering at any of these stations: Scorekeeper/Book, Results, Timing/Scoreboard, Awards, or escorting the athletes.

March 28: 8:00am-2:00pm   Soup Kitchen--Meet at St. Robert at 8:00am to make sandwiches and lunch bags for those we are going to serve. Travel by cars to Mount Carmel Lutheran in Milwaukee to serve the homeless. Bring money for a fast food lunch on the way home.  

April 16: 7:45- 8:00pm   Mini Mission Trip   St John the Baptist--Take time out of your spring break to serve in the community. Places of service may be Nursing Home, working in a day care center, Easter seals, working at the churches, or working in a soup kitchen. We will end by serving your parents a meal and sharing highlights for our day. Dress in comfortable cloths made for the weather. Bring a sack lunch. Permission slips are needed.    

May 8: 4:00pm   Parent Meeting for Summer Trips   St. John the Baptist     

May 8-9: 5:00pm   Mission Trips Team Building   St. John the Baptist

May 16: 11:30 am   Mission Trips Team Building   St. John the Baptist 

June 13-20: Mission Trip--Leave from St. John the Baptist and return to St Robert

June 23: 6:30-8:00pm   Steubenville Team Building   St. Peters

July 17-19: Steubenville Youth Conference   St. Peters

August 3-7th: Vacation Bible Shool

Ongoing service opportunity: Parish Connect

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