Youth Ministry

KR Catholic Youth Ministry

Corinne Dillon        262-620-5379        [email protected]

Goal: To help the teens to become disciples of Jesus Christ by walking their faith in the world that surrounds them. This is done by serving in the church community and seeing the needs in the world. The activities are designed for experiences that leads to them developing a relationship with Jesus Christ which will enable them to learn more about their Catholic Faith and how we are called to love and service each other. This program is meant to enhance and reinforce what is learned in the Religious Education Classes.

Participants: Open to grades 6th -12th and their friends. Young Adults (ages 18-21) can help with programming and develop their leadership skills by doing so. Adults over the ages of 21 who have their safeguarding, code of ethics and background check are needed to chaperon and transport the students.

2021 Schedule of Activities

Sunday July 11th-Friday July 16th: Mission Trip. Join us for a week long trip to Menomonee Falls to help those in need. More details to follow. This trip is for teens completing 9th grade through graduating 12th graders. Spots are limited. Please sign up if you are interested.

Johan 5: Johan 5 is an email study of the book of Johan in the Bible. It is a 5 week study that you can do at your own pace. Each week you will get the reading that is to be done and reflection questions; then email them or call via zoom. Click on the link below for more informaion and to sign up.